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Don’t miss out our best-selling “Journal d’un Noob” Minecraft fan fiction series in 4 volumes, with over 40,000 copies sold in France and rights sold in 8 languages!

Part of Edi8 (EDITIS group) and launched in January 2016, 404 éditions is a brand new imprint dedicated to geek culture. If you’re a geek yourself, you’ve probably figured out why we picked this name out. If you’re not, it’s cool, we can explain: it’s in reference to the famous web message "Error 404 – The message you requested does not exists or has been moved”. Our new imprint promises the opposite:
the page you requested finally exists!

It’s pretty straight forward. We asked ourselves what “being a geek” meant in today’s world and put everything under this new imprint. Pretty cool, right?

We publish video game guides, Minecraft fan fiction, tutorials, pop culture… And a lot more is planned!
404 éditions is present at all the major book fairs (Frankfurt, Bologna, London, Paris).

Please feel free to contact me for any information. Thank you !

Best regards,
James Elliott

Our books

  • Le décodeur trash du chat

    Le décodeur qui va mettre fin au mythe des chats trop gentils.

    Voir la description
  • Le décodeur du zombie

    Le décodeur à emporter pour de belles vacances à Zombieland, sans se faire mordre !

    Voir la description
  • Kereban

    Dario ALCIDE

    Une narration jamais vue ! Plongez dans toutes les archives de la ville de Kereban.

    Voir la description